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Photo Artist Mick Anderson Debuts New FAA Website

March 25th, 2012

Photo Artist Mick Anderson Debuts New FAA Website

Today, March 24, 2012, Mick Anderson opened his new artist website associated with Fine Art America. Included are the new galleries opened just yesterday. Mick specializes in scenic landscape photography, as well as wildlife, flower, historic buildings and abstract/special effect photo-art. He is especially fond of his Northwest Inspirationals which have a gallery all their own. Most can be enlarged to 40 inches on the long side, with a few reaching 70 inches. Of course smaller sizes are also available. Each piece of photo-art has many presentation options, and all are available in archival condition.

Mr. Anderson has indicated that very unique photo-paint items will be forthcoming in the months ahead and hopes all his viewers will watch for their introduction announcements.