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Mick Anderson, Photo-Artist

While in college, Mick worked at St. Mary Lodge at the east entrance to Glacier National Park, Montana ('70 and '71). In this magical place he made many wonderful friends who changed his life by introducing him to nature, the mountains, the guitar and singing, fly fishing, writing music, hiking, and -- most importantly -- the Single Lens Reflex camera! He played with many camera brands... the leading cameras of the day. He found a whole new way of looking at the world, and started a hobby that grew into a passion that has stood the test of many years. His first good camera was a range-finder camera, which was followed quickly by a basic SLR featuring a Pentax lens system, with manual everything! -- which meant that Mick had to figure out exposures the old fashioned way! These lessons have served him well, even with auto everything built into just about all cameras these days. Having an eye for his surroundings, composition and light is what sets Mick apart!

The business of "Mick's Photography" started in the summer of 1989 in Paradise, California. It quickly grew to be one of the most popular wedding photography businesses in the area. With cameras in hand, Mick and his wife moved to Florence, Oregon, in 1996. Mick's Photography quickly became the premier wedding photography business in western Lane County with newly acquired Canon cameras. The coast and mountains of Oregon brought out even more of the passion in his photography. He would often come home drenched but happy! Finally, another move in 2000 placed him in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, where he remains to this day.

In 2005 the film cameras gave way to digital photography, and Mick hasn't looked back. With his Sony a77ii in hand, he has freedoms and abilities that were only dreams in the age of film. New technologies combined with old-fashioned photographic sense are the driving forces behind "Mick's Photo-Art" (new name!) today. More recently a hidden talent for the pen and brush have infused a new direction in his art. Keep watching!


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